Grunwald VFX shot

This was an small job for the live action spot for Grunwald battle anniversary directed by Tomasz Baginski. I created an effects for one of the shots. Simple particles job but was cool to work on it.

More info and spot available on: .

Honda’s environment

This was pretty fast job. I created full 3d environment for Honda TVC. Model of the car was provided. Everything in about a week. Done for Polish studio Mojotribe. At start it was supposed to be an desert but at some point I had to change it to more European landscape. There was no time to render it again so I created layer of trees and played with compositing it into something that will do the job.

Showreel 2010

There is not much to say here. Go ahead and watch my latest showreel.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Modelling, shading and lighting for studio shots of new Mitsubishi Outlander TVC.

Elmiplant “Tic Tac”

Another TV commercial I worked on for Ixor3d. I created all effects in 3ds max.

Seat TVC

Seat commercial that I worked on for ixor3d. I was responsible for creation of full 3d environment and compositing.

Old Gallery

This is a little gallery with works I did in the past.